by Kollapse

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released November 1, 2012

All songs are written and performed by kollapse:
Troels Højgaard Sørensen, Thomas Martin Hansen and Peter Drastrup.

Layout & Design by Peter Drastrup | peter@edra-music.com

Recorded, mixed and mastered with Rasmus Glassau Clausen at 5FeetUnder Studios in Aalborg, Denmark.

Morten Purup Andersen appears on No Gods on guitars and vocals.

TNS Records - TNS026 - tnsrecords.co.uk
Never Trust An Asshole - NT2A012 - nevertrustanasshole.free.fr
5FeetUnder Records - FEET027 - www.5feetunder.com
Throw Me Off Balance Records - TMOBR20122 nev

Get the physical copy on our webstore :




NeverTrustAnAsshole Brussels, Belgium

Non profit DIY punkrock label based in Pau (FR, 64) and Bruxelles/Brussels (BE). Handmade records, shows booking, fanzines, distro, smiles, hugs, laughs, passion, love, passion.

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Track Name: Coffins
Tired of their fucking lies / Tired of their staring eyes / We are born to say goodbye / Alone with nowhere to hide / In my coffin (there's) the abortion of me / In my grave (is) everything I were / We are born to say goodbye / Alone with nowhere to hide / We are killing ourselves / Just to survive / This life / Pins me / Holds me / Drowns me
Track Name: Man Machine
Dead from the neck up / A man machine / Destroying everything you love / Breathing, breeding, apathy and neglect / Facing the mirror / Dead eye gaze / Reflecting everything you hate / Needing, feeding, apathy, fist of rage
Track Name: Liberate
Oh, Humanity / Catharsis awaits if you just let go / Is happiness for the clueless? / If so I will sit back, and wait a lifetime / Oh, let's grow old / Growing up means / Watching all my heroes turn into humans / Oh, there is nothing left / We all believe the lie, hook line and sinker
Track Name: Grief
Fucking soul is torture / Split in half by pain / This is grief on a higher level / This is public shame / Like a slow motion execution / Like eternal rain / I am lost and losing / Blind from all this pain / Crucifixion of my time / Crucifixion of my mind / Crucifixion of my life / Crucifixion of my soul
Track Name: No Gods
Born in blood / If we never question anything / Ruin / Evolve / No gods / Willpower
Track Name: Minamata Disease
Heads that loll, eyes can't see / Ears can't hear, mouths that can't speak or taste / Hands can't grasp, legs won't walk / Brains won't think, minds that can't feel or sense / Minimata disease / Disease / Losing all hope is freedom / Så står vi her ved verdens ende / vi bliver et med jorden under os / Kys mig en enkelt gang inden / Ubehaget bliver ubeskrivelig usandt