Stories of the Year

by This Life



After their critically acclaimed first album "Lies about the truth", THIS LIFE are back with a 6 songs EP! The formula remains the same : modern and positive hardcore, fast yet melodic, and cool lyrics about life and its related social/political topics. The last song (surprise!) is an acoustic version of a tune from their previous record. The perfect link between This Life hardcore and Mika's solo project, Unluckid

This record is originally released on CD in a single carbox packaging, but as we love to put our hearts and hands into fresh ink, we released a limited version, packed in a 7" cover, screenprinted by hand (two colors : turquoise/black and blue/black) that comes with a lyrics sheet.
We had a very bad karma with this one, material issues, late pressing of the CDS etc, but finally we are proud of the result!

6€ + shipping fees, orders by email or via our webstore.
Co-prod with KROD records, Delete Your Favorite Records and Fingers Out records.


released October 14, 2015




NeverTrustAnAsshole Brussels, Belgium

Non profit DIY punkrock label based in Pau (FR, 64) and Bruxelles/Brussels (BE). Handmade records, shows booking, fanzines, distro, smiles, hugs, laughs, passion, love, passion.

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Track Name: Rebirth
As brambles we're back again
Sufferings gave us strenght
Life's a bitch nothing is granted
Humble we must remain
Cause no one can claim
To be stronger than another
Track Name: Fourteen Tears
Sick of this year, where my family, spent too much time to cry
Life becomes hard when death reminds us we aren't farewell
Cannot accept this but I have no choice life still goes on
Cannot accept this but I have no choice life still goes on
I won't give up I won't fall down
Innerself fight to overcome but I can rely on my loved ones
Stay brave, and face the facts, be a man is to live with this as well
We always realize when things fall apart, that happiness doesn't last
Cannot understand the way you treat yourself
Today it seems it will never be the same
Let tears run down your cheeks and relieve you
Let tears run down your cheeks tomorrow you'll feel stronger
Track Name: New Anthem
We wrote this song for you
And everyone who's coming out tonight
This is the sound of our common lives
For you for us and everyone's here
Passion's our food and we're so glad to share this time with you
Through bad times we lived, your support's been a weapon to go on
You're our own fuel
We wrote this song for you
And everyone who's coming out tonight
This is the sound of our common lives
Destroy the walls they built, destroy the hate they spread
We're human like you, and there's no difference between
You and the guys on stage
We also give respect to the people who set up shows and party
We're living free
Rage against all forms of discrimination
Let problems out we're here to celebrate this holy night
Track Name: Food vs Health
Never swallow bullshit they want you to give
Advertising rules not based on quality
Power, of these firms, doesn't have to fear you
You will always be the only one to choose
Only have to use your brain
Everything's so obvious
Eat but think about your health
Food can sometimes become your foe
This is not only goods
We won't be your goats anymore
Solution comes from you
Do not expect others some help
Money always guide
Choices of our politicians
Too many cancers kill our friends & families
Hidden poison in their fucking products
They wanna kill our families
Now it's time to reset this I refuse to follow them
Track Name: About Nothingness
Sometimes I cannot sleep because of meaning of life concerns
Something we can't control and we cannot help against
The greatest fear of humanity
I refuse fatality
Why have to live and build if nothing remains at the end
What's the logical of this still can't understand it
Death's a torn an unanswered question
There's no need to strike you only have to live and enjoy the passing time
Sieze the day my friends
Track Name: Who Order Who (acoustic version)
No god no master nothing to loose
I’m not going to shut up
You always come with your stupid smile but I’m not naïve

Move away cause you’re not above the world and we are all equal
Judge me on my actions not how I look

Destruction of these fucking behaviours
If you always feel as a king then it will be the revolution

Just remember it’s a question of context

I feel stronger since I discovered the past and weakness of this fake man
Defy ignorance and go ahead people are not still that they appear