The will is still for free

by Nowadayz

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The album will be released on colored lightscribe CDs, with handmade packaging (digifile + booklet).

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released April 30, 2012

Recorded by Michael Martin @ Banque alimentaire de Mirambeau, France
Mixing and Mastering by Romain Sarrat @ Wat'son Studio

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NeverTrustAnAsshole Brussels, Belgium

Non profit DIY punkrock label based in Pau (FR, 64) and Bruxelles/Brussels (BE). Handmade records, shows booking, fanzines, distro, smiles, hugs, laughs, passion, love, passion.

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Track Name: On ferme, revenez demain
-Lyrics by Rémi-

like a stone, our heart is shut this day
thy education goes towards this way
like a stone, "we"re fine ok"
without empathy except for a wallet

it's fine this way, let's all sing a song to numb simplicity
like the rock.
all hearts shut please move away
nothing but apathy except for a ribbon break
like a rock, under the yoke of the crown
"thanks for assistance"
without empathy neither for ourselves

friends or foe we can/can't be both
i'll eventually look 'round at the other ways
to enjoy.
I'm still seduced by these old stories
where beauty is what is true, inspired not offered
I'll take my own needs, put it on my note

the unspoilt core, i don't need more
i feel safer not running the race
the unspoilt core i don't need more
i feel safe beeing unlike a rock
is your heart shut today?
thy education goes towards this way
like a rock
no other way but to the ground
Track Name: Hit the referee
where will I stand, on human side
with all thats good and all thats bad
the same everlasting struggle to find a common ground
a good-thinking song doesnt mean i'll stick to it
we always try, try to fight this holy war
this holy war against ourselves

short-scaled idealist, big-scale bastard yeah
feels like burning by both side
when the stakes go higher, you'll blow my cover
like dust under the carpet

carrying on with this Khadaffi-like smile
keep my almost-lying-ass out of the target
'till i'm back on the right track
a sunday punk, a broken treaty
silent agent within

hidden in the grey zone
that was the deal on the table
half a commitment is still a commitment


when "not bad" is the ennemy of "good"
Track Name: Where words have more taste
didn't land here from suburban boredom
nor the catwalk, the kinship, the academic
my diverted room by and for the unskilled, the unfit,
the who-are-you, wrecked here for the scratch of the pen,
the riffs that grits our teeth, the choruses that shout in hour heads
when it's the white page that tortures
the sound, and the meaning

soothing and burning, the breeze and the heat

i found this place
where words have more taste
keep your scene points
the sugar-coated fakeship
i joined the party for

the content, the poem, the protest song
the frustration, the joy, the anger, the sad
the tale, the bitter, the heart, the utopia
the despair, the laugh, the content, the poem
the frustration, the joy

Fill in your blanks with soul
share the shoreless ink

(hip hop instrumental by Say Cuattro, check him out!)
Track Name: Try harder, Norfolk
I'm the son of this zealous soldier
keeping safe the holy land from squatters, grieving moms
and kids throwing stones, yeah thats my dad roaming in that tank
if chain of command says it's our land then it is

why won't they give up? / we won't give it up
he says "son, carry the flag"
why don't they let go? / they all let us do

i'm the son of this god' soldier
fresh widower, new devoted
desperation turned into wrath
we'll return pain on the invader
Hammas and Knesset bloodthirsty puppet masters

kinship is overrated, when NATO is for hire

i won't blow myself up, class starts up at 9
he says "son, you're next for the task"
it's a fight in the schoolyard
meet you up at the checkpoint
it's easy not to look far, when all we want is the same
home insurance for descendants, enjoy working life
and leave sand